Our history

Our important dates

1979: 1979 TARANIS, a small family-owned company specialising in the sale of substitute foods for coeliac disease, was created.

1980: 1980 The shop called Le Moulin du Pont was opened in the very heart of Paris, with a nutritionist always available to help shoppers who need to follow a strict diet.

1984: The French Ministry of Health entrusted the Pharmacie Centrale (Central Pharmacy) of the Hôpitaux de Paris (Paris Hospitals) with the task of centralising the national distribution of foods (low protein foods and amino acid mixtures) for patients with phenylketonuria.

1985 – 1994: A pioneer in the gluten-free field, TARANIS gradually moved from supplying gluten-free foods to low protein products, and then to specific products (amino acid mixtures). Taranis opened up and created the French market.

Products under the Taranis label were launched: Dalia (a low protein milk substitute), dessert puddings.

1996 – 1998: Launch of the PhenylAde and LeucinAde ranges, amino acid mixtures for dietary treatment of phenylketonuria and maple syrup urine disease. The shop Le Moulin du Pont was closed, which put an end to direct selling to the public and retail sales of Taranis products were transferred to wholesale pharmacies.

1999: Launch of Cérécal Plus: the first low-protein cereal-based baby foods.

2002: Launch of Dalia, powdered milk substitute. The family-owned company was purchased by Laboratoires DHN (a subsidiary of the Célia group) and transferred to the Ile et Vilaine region. Taranis became a brand specialising in congenital metabolic amino acid disorders.

2005: Launch of the first low-protein drinking yoghurt substitute (powder for reconstitution).

2006: Launch of the first low-protein drinking yoghurt substitute (powder for reconstitution).

2007: Purchase of Laboratoires DHN by the dairy group Lactalis and launch of Lemon cakes, the first soft biscuits, and rolls.

2008-2009: Taranis celebrates 30 years with a makeover. Graphic redesign for all its packaging.

2010-2012: Launch of the cheese susbtitute.

2014: For the new regulation, the Taranis’s packagings will change this year.