Our know-how

Taranis has developed its reputation and its expertise based on its business strengths: listening skills, service offer and responsiveness, while constantly bringing out innovative products.

This is why, ever since 1979, Taranis has been committed to offer patients products that are appetising, varied (in terms of flavour, form, etc) and suitable for everyday life, despite the specific constraints imposed by the restricted diet that is part of medical care.

Innovation: advanced engineers

Even when it is controlled, eating should still be a source of pleasure. That’s why our Research and Development department is working on low-protein recipes with sensory qualities that are close to those of conventional products. We make sure that the products we offer suit not only to the needs of our consumers, but also their tastes and preferences.

A recognised partner with specialist hospital departments, Taranis is always ready to listen to requests or suggestions from its partners (prescribers or patients), in step with the progress in medical research and its applications in the field of specialist nutrition.

Quality: safety is the top priority

All Taranis products are developed in compliance to defined specifications, with rigorous checks at every stage in the production process to ensure maximum safety.

Most of our products are Dietary Foods for Special Medical Purposes (DFSMP)* and have been given a positive opinion by the French Food Safety Agency (AFSSA).

*Directive 1999/21 EC of 25 March 1999