noPhenyl Children

EAN : 3551100825705

For the dietary management of phenylketonuria children from 1 to 8 years, a unique proprietary blend of dairy and vegetable fats.

1 sachet of 34g = 10.2g PE*

*Protein Equivalent

Cardboard box of 510g (15 sachets of 34g)
Unavailable to online purchase


Food for Special Medical Purposes. Amino acid mix essential and non-essential (except for phenylalanine), in powder, with fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

For the dietary management of phenylketonuria (PKU) in children from 1 to 8 years.

WARNING: Only for use by confirmed phenylketonuria children from 1 to 8 years and under strict medical supervision. Should not be used as a sole source of nutrition. For enteral use only.

N.B: Dietary management must be supplemented with natural protein, water and all other nutrients to meet the child’s needs and provide the necessary amounts of phenylalanine.


The recommended intake of noPhenyl should be determined by a clinician or dietician and is dependant on the age, body weight and medical condition of the patient.


  1. Mix 1 sachet of noPhenyl Children with 150ml of cold or lukewarm water.
  2. Shake vigorously. It’s ready.
  3. Drink a glass of water after each dose.

Standard dilution:

1 sachet of 34g + 150ml of water (osmolarity: 865mOsm/L). It is possible to reduce the volume of water, i.e. 1 sachet in 90ml of cold or lukewarm water (osmolarity: 1280mOsm/L), or Dalia.

Ingredients: Amino acids ((L-glutamine, L-lysine monohydrochloride, L-tyrosine, L-leucine, L-proline, L-alanine, L-aspartic acid, L-arginine, L-serine, L-glycine, L-valine , L-threonine, L-isoleucine, L-cystine, L-histidine, L-methionine, L-tryptophan), lactose (milk), minerals (tricalcium phosphate, potassium citrate, sodium citrate, calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, magnesium phosphate, encapsulated iron pyrophosphate (corn starch, ferric pyrophosphate, sunflower lecithin), zinc gluconate, potassium iodide, sodium molybdate, sodium selenite, chromium chloride, copper sulfate, manganese sulfate), vegetable fats (rapessed, corn), emulsifiers (E1450, soya lecithin), milk fat, maltodextrin, fish oil (source of DHA and EPA), Mortierella alpina oil (source of ARA) , natural vanilla flavour, vitamins (ascorbic acid, DLalpha tocopherol acetate, nicotinamide, vitamin A acetate, calcium D-pantothenate, cholecalciferol, D-biotin, cyanocobalamin, folic acid, pyridoxine hydrochloride, riboflavin, thiamine mononitrate , vitamin K1, thiamine hydrochloride), choline bitartrate, taurine, inositol, antioxidants (ascorbyl palmitate, tocopherols) (soya), L-carnitine L-tartrate.

Storage: Protect from heat and moisture. Packed in a protective atmosphere. Once opened, use the contents of the bag within 24 hours.