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What is the relationship between Lactalis Nutrition Santé and Taranis?

Lactalis Nutrition Santé is a division of the Lactalis dairy group. It covers 3 fields: infant nutrition, clinical nutrition, and special products for metabolic diseases. Taranis takes care of this last area of work.


How long has Taranis been looking after patients with metabolic diseases?

Taranis launched and created the market for metabolic diseases in 1979 and since then it has been constantly developing new products.


What products does Taranis sell?

Taranis specialises in the production of:

  • low protein products,
  • amino acid mixes

Used under controlled conditions, they enable patients to be fed without running any risks related to their disease.

Our products

You do not mention genetically modified organisms (GMOs)! What is the situation exactly?

This is true, simply because our products contain no GMOs.


What proof do you have that there are no GMOs in your products?

Taranis relies on the traceability of its raw materials and on the GMO certificate of each ingredient, to guarantee that its products do not contain GMOs.


What is a low protein product?

From a regulary point of view, the term low protein product means that the product does not exceed 10% of that a corresponding normal food. ( Example : The Dalia, milk substitute has 0,2g protein per 100ml while the normal milk has 3g per 100ml thus the regulation is respected well).


Are metabolic diseases inherited ?

Yes, the disease is passed on to the child if both the father and mother pass on the gene responsible for the disease.


My son can only eat low protein foods and amino acid mixes. How can I vary his diet?

Taranis puts recipes on its website so you can change his diet. They offer a variety of alternatives for both sweet and savoury foods.


I live in a small village in France, and I don’t know where to find your products!

To receive the list of refunded products, please contact us. This kind of products are delivering by AGEPS or depending of your disease, by hospital pharmacy. For others products, order directly on our website.


Where can I find out about new discoveries in the field of metabolic diseases?

Organisations below will give you up-to-date information about these diseases.


I will be moving soon. Will I be able to find your products abroad?

That depends on the country, but we sell by mail order throughout Europe.


How long will it take my order to arrive?

According to your delivery country, you will receive your order within 2 or 6 business, once we receive your order and payment.


I live in Switzerland and I want to order some Taranis products.

If you are a pharmacy, please call: 00 352 78 71 71.