Our expertise

Our expertise

Taranis has established its reputation and competence thanks to its “qualities” of listening, service and responsiveness to demand by constantly proposing innovative products.

This is why, since 1979, Taranis’ aim has been to offer patients gourmet products that are diversified (in terms of flavours, shapes, etc.) and adapted to daily life, despite the specific constraints linked to a restricted diet as part of a medical follow-up.

Innovation: cutting-edge engineers

Even when monitored, food must remain a source of pleasure. This is why our Research & Development department is working on the development of low-protein recipes that preserve organoleptic qualities similar to those of a conventional product. In this way, we ensure that we offer products that are adapted to the needs of consumers, but also to the tastes and desires of each individual.

Taranis is recognised by specialised hospital services and is constantly listening to the requests or suggestions of its partners (prescribers, patients), in phase with the evolution of medical research and its applications in the field of specialised dietetics.

Quality: safety as an obsession

All Taranis products are produced in compliance with defined specifications, with rigorous controls at each stage of the manufacturing process to ensure maximum safety.
Most of our products are Dietetic Foods for Special Medical Purposes (DFSMP)* and have received a favourable opinion from the French Food Safety Agency (AFSSA).

Directive 1999/21 EC of 25 March 1999

Our partners

Being present in many European countries, we have several local partners, including patient organisations.

Our story

From small business to family-owned multinational

The 1980s: the beginning of the Taranis adventure


Creation of TARANIS, a small family company specialising in the trade of alternative foods for coeliac disease.


Opening of the “Le Moulin du Pont” shop in Paris.

The 1990s: evolution of the Taranis offer

1985 – 1994

A forerunner in the field of gluten-free, Taranis has moved from gluten-free foods to reduced protein products and then to specific products (mixtures of amino acids). Taranis has thus opened up and created the French market.

1996 – 1998

Cessation of direct sales to the public by closing the “Le Moulin du Pont” shop. Transfer of Taranis products to pharmaceutical wholesalers from retail sales.

The 2000s: from the company to the Taranis brand


The family company is taken over by Laboratoires DHN. Taranis becomes a brand dedicated to innate errors in amino acid metabolism.


Acquisition of Laboratoires DHN by the dairy group Lactalis.

The years 2012 & 2020: expansion of the Taranis range

Depuis 2015 :

Development of the Taranis brand internationally.

Over 40 years of innovation

1985 – 1994

Over 40 years of innovationLaunch of Taranis branded products: Dalia (low protein milk substitute), desserts.

1996 – 1998

Launch of the PhenylAde and LeucinAde ranges, amino acid mixtures for the dietary treatment of phenylketonuria and leucinosis.


Launch of Cérécal Plus: the first infant cereal on the reduced protein market.


Launch of the milk powder substitute: Dalia powder.




Launch of the first drinking yoghurt substitute (powder to be reconstituted) with reduced protein content.



Launch of hazelnut spread and snackybils (Emmental flavoured aperitif biscuits).



Launch of lemon cakes, rolls, plain cake mix.

2010 – 2012

Launch of the cheese substitute.


Launch of the noPhenyl and noV.I.L ranges, amino acid mixtures for the dietary treatment of phenylketonuria and leukemia.


Launch of caramel chip snacks.


Launch of the Dessert Breaks.


Launch of the risotto substitute, the first ready-to-use dish on the reduced protein market.