Carnival Doughnuts

10 min
20 min
Carnival Doughnuts


  • 1 sachet natural cake mix
  • 2 tbsp orange flower water.
  • 50 g butter
  • 150 ml water
  • 1 tbsp sugar


  • Pour the natural cake mix into a bowl, add the water and orange blossom water. Add the melted butter, whisking vigorously.
  • Place a generous spoonful of the batter into each of the doughnut-shaped (Kouglof) silicone moulds. Steam for 12 minutes. Leave to cool before removing from the moulds.
  • Heat the oil in the deep-fryer to 180°C. Deep fry the precooked doughnuts until they are golden brown. Sprinkle with sugar.


Tip: freeze the precooked steamed doughnuts and then fry them. If necessary, trim the edges of your silicon moulds with scissors so they fit into the steamer.

Nutritional Values

1690Kj / 402 Kcal
14.7 g
67.2 g
0.2 g
8 mg
9 mg

Taranis products used